4 ways to use Pinterest to help your job search

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24 May 2021
For job-seekers

If you think Pinterest is just somewhere to share fashion, food and wedding planning, then you could be missing out on some significant professional opportunities. Pinterest is a social bookmarking site which allows users to save images, links, videos and files – like a virtual pinboard. Here's how we think you can use the platform to help refine and support your job search. 

(If you're totally new to Pinterest, here's a quick tutorial.)

1. Research a specific role or sector

Pinterest has a great search function so it's the ideal place to look for resources and advice on a specific career path. For example, if you're interested in HR, then a search on that term will throw up a variety of results from the latest news and trends to advice on entering and progressing in the field. Try to be as specific in your searches as you can or you might feel overwhelmed by the volume of content presented to you. 

2. Find great job seeking advice

You can find advice and support on job applications, interviews, CVs, etc. at the click of a button. Lots of career coaches use the platform to share hints and tips – here are two to get you started: 

Jan Melnik’s Career Coaches Corner, a pinboard of articles, advice and statistics for job seekers
Josh Waldman's pinboard, filled with infographics for job seekers and stats related to common job search topics

3. Get a feel for a potential employer

Just like you would on other social media platforms, you can use Pinterest to find and engage with a potential employer. Because Pinterest is such a visual medium, employer pinboards offer a great way to get a feel for a company’s culture. You can even use Pinterest to attract the attention of potential employers by following their boards, re-pinning their content and commenting on their pins.

4. Organise and manage your job research

You can create a board (choosing to keep it private if you prefer) which stores all the images, documents, files and links relating to your job search. It's a great place to keep everything in one place as a visual reference tool to keep you focused, motivated and informed.

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