A sneak peek behind the scenes at some of our lockdown adventures!

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22 May 2020
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We’ve been in lockdown for two months and, despite restrictions starting to ease, it’s clear that ‘normal’ life is still a distant dream. We’ve all had to adjust to a new way of living and working, and it certainly hasn’t been easy for many of us. Our team have been talking about the little things we’ve been doing at home to try to make this time as positive as we can. We thought it might be nice to share some of what we’ve been up to during these very unusual times with you too. 


I’ve been enjoying spending quality time with my family. We plan and prepare our meals together – we’ve made it our mission to ‘eat around the world’ and have tried loads of amazing new recipes. Normally, food is eaten in a rush in front of the TV, now mealtimes are an elaborate affair at the table! 

Before, I would have laughed at the idea of walking to the shops to do my food shopping. I walk now – taking my trusty backpack off to support the local independent shops in Horsell instead of driving to the major supermarkets. I feel better for the exercise, enjoy taking in my surroundings (watching ducklings as I stroll over the bridge on my route) and have unrushed conversations with the shop owners. It’s also a refreshing change to have ‘passers-by’ say ‘hello’ and smile as we social distance of course! 

I tried learning to play the guitar – that was a failure – I’ll leave that to my husband Andrew and my daughter’s partner Louis. I hula hooped all of one day, spent an afternoon learning to box (never again, I bruise too easily) and went jogging twice – discovering I seriously don’t like exercising. I learned to paint - properly apparently - from Andrew who stood over me and instructed the whole time (he’s a builder and decorator so has very exacting standards!). 

Most of all – I’ve noticed the change in how we communicate. We listen to each other more, laugh more, are kinder to one another and considerate of each other’s feelings. 


I have finally been making an effort with my eating and drinking habits after copious snacks and wine meant I was bulging at the seams on my favourite jeans. I’ve been trying hard to do my 10,000 steps a day (albeit a lot of them are on the treadmill whilst watching Netflix on my iPad!).  

I have even managed to grow my nails, which I have always nibbled, to a beautiful length with no real effort involved - no idea why it was easier now? But I’m proud I’ve broken a life-long bad habit. I’ve been cutting the hair of everyone in my household (including my own!) and feel I should have shares in Amazon with the amount of deliveries I receive. I feel a little less guilty knowing I shop through their Amazon Smile programme so my purchases are helping my favourite charity too. 


I’ve was eating and drinking my own body weight before making an effort to look for alternative projects to stay healthy – I've been enjoying renovating the garden, painting fences, redecorating the house and giving myself home facials! I should also add that I have cultivated a healthy tan and have been chasing small kittens around the harden and extracting them from trees! 

Ooh, and spending money like it’s going out of fashion. I’m certainly keeping our local delivery drivers busy! Although I did fall down the stairs and tear my shoulder muscle in my rush to welcome an H&M delivery of socks and pants... 

My leg and armpit hair is also pretty impressive right now. 


I have been going on long walks, doing lots of baking and making sure I set (and stick to) boundaries for myself so I don’t sit in front of a screen all day every day. On top of that, I’m really enjoying regular video calls with my friends and Friday night Zoom quizzes! 

I have perfected my cocktail making abilities and I can also speak a lot more Portuguese than I could a month ago. I’m making sure to keep up with my language courses to keep my mind going. Our next family project is building an outdoor kitchen and pizza oven… Will keep you updated on how that goes! 

Spending so much time at home has been a real adjustment, but the garden looks better than ever and we are excited to enjoy it properly in the summer – hopefully with a snazzy pizza oven, a (now extended) cocktail menu, and – fingers crossed – with friends! 


I have spent the last few weeks revamping my diet so that I don’t feel so bogged down and low energy. At first, I thought it wasn’t such a good plan to cut out carbs and sugar during a lockdown – looking forward to the yummy food I could eat was a distraction and a joy, and gave me a sense of routine. But after a few weeks I had no energy and felt really sluggish so I cut all carbs and sugar from my diet. I am now full of energy and over 9lbs lighter for it! I have started to add some set exercises into my day too. 

I have also spent time ‘decorating’ the balcony on our flat so that we have a nice space to sit outside. Not having a garden has been really challenging, especially with a young son. But I have been planting seeds and have a wonderful little herb garden coming along! I have also laid new flooring and put up a privacy screen so we can enjoy the sunshine out of the view of our neighbours! It’s now a really lovely space for us to enjoy and makes a huge difference to the whole family. 


I have keeping myself busy with exercise, painting and I have just taught myself to do my own gel nails. I’ve become pretty good at baking and my speciality is using oats – and, of course, chocolate! 

Alongside this, I have been enjoying loads of Zoom dates with family and friends; staying connected with everyone is super important to me, especially as I’m shielding and not allowed outside yet! 

We miss you...

We all miss being in the office with each other, and meeting up with our clients and candidates for coffee and cake – but we will all really appreciate those little things a lot more on the other side of this. We are still here to support your job search and would love to hear from you – you can reach us on 01932 355000 or hello@amber-employment.co.uk.  

Stay safe, be well and see you soon! 

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