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10 May 2021
For HR professionals
We know the value of specialist HR services to our clients. Headed up by our Director, Rebecca Bannerman, AmberHR is our specialist recruitment division for the HR sector, providing core search and recruitment services alongside networking opportunities through our events and seminars, free advice and guidance on HR issues to our clients and local HR market intelligence and resources. After spending more than 14 years developing our extensive database of HR professionals, combined with our consultants' and external partners’ sector knowledge and market insight, it made sense to make it official and set up a specialist division.
What are the advantages of our specialist HR recruitment services?
1. Your relationship with us spans your HR career
People often assume that they'll only interact with a recruitment agency for a short, specific period of time, either as a candidate applying for a role or as an HR professional using their services to recruit. The difference with a specialist HR division is that we exist to support you throughout your career. Over the last 14 years, we have built strong relationships with HR professionals, across every industry sector. It is the power of this network that ensures your ongoing success when working with us, whether looking for your next HR role, or recruiting for your HR team. 
2. You are invited to our free HR events and seminars
Core search and recruitment services underpin our specialist HR division, but they operate within a wider context of HR support. We have been running regular employment law and broader HR seminars for many years, providing access to these training and development opportunities in partnership with carefully selected external partners. Throughout the pandemic, these events have been offered as webinars with excellent attendance. Local HR professionals are warmly invited to join us at these popular, informative and interactive sessions. Drop us an email at hr@amber-employment.co.uk to register your interest.
3. You can access free specialist HR advice and guidance

One of our most appreciated and unrivalled HR services is our free confidential advice and support for clients. Delivered in collaboration with specialist partners, we are pleased to be the first port of call for many of our clients with questions or concerns on employment law, job advertising, policies and procedures, contracts, disciplinaries, training and development, culture development and strategic HR. If you're unsure how to proceed on an issue internally, or are getting conflicting advice from different sources, you can call or email us for impartial advice from our team of external experts.

4. You have local HR market intelligence and resources at your fingertips

From our library of HR blogs and regular salary surveys to our industry-specific market reviews and soon-to-launch collection of HR factsheets, we're working hard to bring you the HR knowledge and insights you need to effectively navigate this fast-paced discipline. If you're looking for something specific that you can't find, you can ask us – our AmberHR community guides what materials and resources we research and produce.

5. You have full and unparalleled access to our quality HR candidates

Working with AmberHR fast-tracks your access to quality candidates who are pre-screened and ideal for the job. From attracting and shortlisting talent to providing specialist knowledge of the job market, we can help you recruit within your timeline. And by dealing with screening candidates and conducting initial interviews and salary negotiations, we leave you free to get on with more important things. Not only do we provide professional candidates for full-time roles, but we also have candidates on standby for emergency cover or short-term assignments. If you need extra capacity within your HR team, then a specialist agency will have suitable candidates within easy reach so they (and you) can hit the ground running. Gaining short term access to some key strategic HR skills in a hurry is one of the biggest benefits of working with AmberHR.
6. You are part of a community of HR professionals
AmberHR is a community of like-minded HR professionals, who take pride in their work and are ambitious in their careers. We provide a unique, sophisticated set of services and solutions that will encourage, support and motivate you throughout your career. We are excited to formalise this programme of support by creating AmberHR and invite you to join us as a client and partner to experience how we can help you and your teams.
You can connect with Rebecca Bannerman, the head of AmberHR, on LinkedIn or email hr@amber-employment.co.uk to find out how you can join us.
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